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Meet Josh Rappaport

Hi, I’m a person who loves to help students succeed at math.

I have been tutoring for 19 years now, having been a classroom teacher before that. In my tutoring I have worked with a wide range of students with math learning disabilities. The challenge has been exciting, and my greatest thrill is finding a new way to help a student grasp a difficult area of math.

Through tutoring I have gained the inspiration that led me to write the Parents Choice Award-Winning Algebra Survival Guide, and I continue to create new products for math education.

By checking out my blog you will get new information on teaching approaches and products that help students reach success in math.

Comments on: "Meet Josh Rappaport" (11)

  1. Louise Hatala said:

    I’ve been following your ideas for years…and like to pass them on to the new educators in our field. Keep up the good work.

  2. MariaD on Mathematics 24X7 is studying Social Mathematics and has asked if anyone knows of a site where children discuss mathematics socially.

    I remembered that you used to have a site for homeschoolers with a problem of the month that children would write in to and offer solutions to problems.

    Do you find that children and teens discuss mathematics socially?

  3. Josh, I would like to talk about your work in an ongoing collection about social math. I am yet to find a good medium for “containing” this distributed conversation about “Math 2.0.” Probably podcast series would work well eventually. Meanwhile, I am keeping the collection in a slide show: http://www.naturalmath.com/index.php?option=com_jd-wp&Itemid=88888917&p=92

    How can I put your network of people and activities in a slide? It is quite distributed. I can just name it “Josh Rappaport’s network” and you the node, and make a collage of your projects and sites.
    – What is the “central” link you’d like me to use?
    – Which 5-6 sites and projects would you feature?

  4. Your book, Algebra Survival Guide has helped me get through 6th and now 7th grade. Algebra is a lot easier the way you teach it in the book [Q&A], and the way you only have a few problems per lesson is really nice for someone like me. I have to learn, but I don’t need 500 problems! The board game in the back is awesome too. Just keep writing, Just keep writing…more and more math textbooks…so I can get through 8th grade too!

  5. evelynsaenz said:

    When we were homeschooling years ago, you were one of our favorite resources for learning math.

    Thank you so much for helping so many people all these years.

  6. Kent Lasater said:

    Josh – Kudos for Equation blog solution methods. Please include ideas on solving liquid problems which play a big part in Akgebra and Chemistry.

    Thank You

  7. hello JOSH,

    • Hello Raj. I’m not sure what to say, except keep studying. Math can help you in many ways, and it can open up doors to some of the mysteries of the world, too. I’d say you’re on the right path. Keep walking.

  8. I just wanted to say thank you. I had trouble finding the GCF & LCM’s, but I read your articles on how to do so, while conserving time. It helped a lot.
    Thank You!

  9. I am currently working through your algebra survival guide, it’s amazing! I am not a math person… at all, and I’ve been through a lot of math books trying to find one that I can understand. I have finally found a book that explains things in an easy to understand way! Things that I have found extreemly frustrating and hard in other books have become easy and even fun in the algebra survival guide! Thank you so much for helping me overcome my struggles!

  10. I finally understand algebra. Homeschooling my kids, I came across your books, and instead of memorizing for tests, I finally “get it”. Your step-by-step approaches are helping my kids, and me, look at math in a whole new way. Thank you. I am now recommending your books to my friends.

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