Kiss those Math Headaches GOODBYE!


This one is going out to all of you … on station MCHT.

Does anyone know any good tricks for the situation where a fraction divides another fraction. In other words, for a problem like [(2/3)÷(4/5}, does anyone know of a col way to make this much easer than the way most people learn this in a school?

If so, send me your thoughts In any case, after I get a bunch of your ideas, I’ll share mine. Then we can vote on which approach we like the most.

If you’ve got an idea, send it to:

Make the subject line: Dividing a Fraction by a Fraction.

Have fun!

— Josh

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Comments on: "Fraction divided by a fraction" (2)

  1. Dividing fraction by a fraction..
    I use KCF, Keep, Change, Flip…or Kentucky Chicken Fried. Would love other ideas.


  2. I like the diving fractions using the area method so kids can see what is happening. this gizmo explores this., I’ve also been to conferences where teachers teach this and get kids to draw each model.


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