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Answer to Problem of the Week – 10/18/2010

Problem of the Week – Answer

Here again is the problem:

Katja and Anthony are on a sightseeing trip in the western United States. Beginning where they land in Santa Fe, NM, they drive 80 miles east to see the historic wild west town of Las Vegas, NM. Then they travel 50 miles north to visit the Kiowa National Grasslands . Next they drive 140 miles west to visit Chaco Canyon National Historical Park. Finally they journey 130 miles south to visit El Malpais National Monument. When they reach El Malpais, how many miles are they from their starting point in Santa Fe?

And here is the answer, sent in by Eric Trujillo, a computer engineer based in Salem, OR.

“After taking trip, the pair are 100 miles away from their SF starting point. I calculated by drawing a diagram and then using the Pythagorean theorem. Sides triangle were 60 and 80 miles, so hypotenuse = 100 miles, using 3-4-5 right triangle relationship.”

Thank you for that reply, Eric.