Kiss those Math Headaches GOODBYE!

Here’s one of those:  “Can you make it?” problems.

Using exactly six toothpicks of equal length, how can you put them together to create four congruent equlateral triangles?

Send your answers as comments to this blog post. You need not worry about incorrect answers being posted. I will post only those answers that are correct, and I will post the first five correct answers on Monday.

Feel free to share this problem with anyone who might like to try it.


Comments on: "Problem of the Week-10/25/2010" (2)

  1. Sharron Herring said:

    Form an equilateral triangle using three of the toothpicks.
    Use the other three toothpicks to form four smaller triangles inside the larger triangle by laying them across the first three such that each of the added toothpicks bisects two of the original toothpicks. The second set of toothpicks will extend beyond the first set, but they will form four equilateral triangles inside the original one.


  2. Benjamin Leer said:

    3 sided pyramid!


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