Kiss those Math Headaches GOODBYE!

My book, the Algebra Survival Guide, has just won an award from a student tutoring organization in Detroit, Michigan.

The “Front Porch,” of Detroit, Michigan, has given the Algebra Survival Guide its distinguished “Golden Porch Award” for helping “kids in Detroit through their first year of algebra successfully.”

Here is the notification about the award:

Algebra Survival Guide Wins AWARD!

GOLDEN PORCH AWARD for Algebra Survival Guide

And here is what The Front Porch organization said in the letter that came with the award:

“Congratulations! The book, ‘Algebra Survival Guide,’ has won a Golden Porch Award. The Golden Porch Award is given out to resources that both the kids and adults on The Porch find to be outstanding. We have found no better resource for learning algebra than your book. We have used it for many years in our free after-school homework help program — the book has been taken to the library, community center, and even on The Porch itself in the freezing cold to help with an algebra homework emergency. Thank you for taking the time to write the explanations so clearly. It far surpasses any algebra textbook, as many of our kids have shown by being befuddled by textbook explanations and enlightened by your explanations.”

So thank you to The Front Porch for that wonderful award, and for sharing how your organization has used the Algebra Survival Guide.

And by the way, if you know of any similar organizations that offer tutoring for children, feel free to let us know about them. We would be happy to contact them to see if they would be interested in using our products.

The Algebra Survival Guide is also the recipient of a Parents’ Choice award, in recognition of its ability to help parents and students grasp the concepts and skills of PreAlgebra and Algebra 1.

The Algebra Survival Guide is now available in BOTH print and electronic formats.

For the print version, go to this link.

For the eVersion of the book, visit any of these online booksellers: Kindle store link

Barnes & Noble eBookstores link

Borders eBookstore Link


Comments on: "Algebra Survival Guide wins an AWARD!" (4)

  1. ZeroSum Ruler said:



  2. Sean Clancy said:

    The ASG works well with all my students who come to me after years of failing grades in traditional algebra classes. It is simply a fantastic resource.

    If you make a Pre-Algebra Guide, in the same style, you would make even more of an impact in struggling students.

    Is it in the works?


  3. Thanks, Sean. I do like the idea of a PreAlgebra Survival Guide. What are some of the concepts that you think would be most important to put into that book?


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