Kiss those Math Headaches GOODBYE!

Hi everyone,

I have some exciting news.

I will be conducting a workshop this Tuesday morning, and the workshop is with a school in Nigeria.

Thanks to my good friend Ibraheem Dooba (aka Professor Brainy), and also thanks to the marvels of modern technology, this Skype workshop has been all set up and is ready to go.

The school whose teachers are receiving the workshop (not sure if that’s the right way to phrase it, or if there is a way to phrase that!) is the Esteem International School, in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja. This is a wonderful school for elementary age children. Like students in the United States, students at the Esteem School are learning aspects of algebraic thinking in elementary school. And since teaching algebra to young students is a challenge, that will be the focus of my workshop.

If anyone here or anywhere in the world is interested in receiving a workshop on this topic, please let me know, and we’ll set one up.


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