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The “Ladder of Primes”

Remember the best teachers you had? Remember how they made their classes come alive? How one of the ways they made things exciting was by using analogies — little stories that connected new concepts to things you already knew and understood?

Educational researchers today are studying what makes analogies such an effective teaching tool. They have found that the use of analogies is one of the best techniques for making concepts “stick.” By relating that which students need to know to that which they already do know, teachers create bridges in understanding, and those bridges give students a way to grasp a new and difficult concepts.

The same holds true in math class. If we teachers use powerful analogies that make concepts more memorable, students are more likely to enjoy the lesson, and as a result, they’ll be more likely to remember what was taught.

I would like to present a quick-and-easy analogy that helps students learn about our number system, on the one hand, and which also helps students work with fractions, on the other hand.

The analogy is to something I call the “Ladder of Primes.” (more…)

See a world-class mathematician

It’s not every day that you can see a great mathematician giving a lecture. But thanks to the power of today’s technology, you can do that right now.

Terence Tao, winner of the prestigious Fields Medal (like a Nobel for math), has been compared to some of the greatest mathematicians of all time, like Carl Friedrich Gauss and Leonhard Euler. And as you will see, he has so much of his life yet to live.

Here is a lecture Terence Tao gave at UCLA on the distribution of prime numbers, an interesting area of number theory.

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